Replacement Window Prices

When doing any type of home improvement, one must do their research before buying any type of replacement window. With so many options on the market, it would be a shame if you didn’t get what you truly needed the first time around.

What types of window manufacturers are the best?

For starters, Certainteed, Pella, Marvin, Harvey and Andersen replacement windows are always my top five choices to start with. First off, these window manufacturers have been around for the last 50 years or so, with Certainteed being around for nearly 100 years to-date. Secondly, these window companies carry some of the best window warranties on the market.

Most importantly, with these 5 window replacement companies, they stand behind their products. They’re far from being one of those types that sell and install windows for 189.oo – these are the worst windows you could buy. You see them all of the time in ads and on tv infomercials. Certainteed, Pella, Marvin, Harvey and Andersen replacement windows produce some of the best quality windows one could buy for their homes.

It’s very important to think quality when buying replacement windows. For example, window frames, it’s important that the windows you buy have a solid thick frame and not hollow. Whether your buying vinyl or wood windows it’s important to know what your getting.

Read online reviews about the type of window you plan to buy. Research how well their window seals hold up if you’re buying double-pan glass – there’s nothing worse than having condensation build up in-between your window panes.

How much do the average replacement windows cost?

Prices in the Boston area for a double hung vinyl replacement window was:

Basic level prices: $270.00 – $318.00

Mid level prices: $372.00 – $438.00

Premium level prices: $516.00 – $606.00